Bhuvan Bam Net Worth : Bhuvan Bam Monthly Income [ 2023]

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: Bhuvan Bam is an incredibly popular Indian YouTuber, musician, songwriter, comedian, and actor. He is most well-known through his YouTube channel BB Ki Vines, which has over 20 million users at the time of writing in August 2023.

Bam’s videos frequently include him as multiple characters and expressing his opinions on different aspects of Indian society and culture. Due to his popularity on YouTube, the world is interested in Bhuvan Bam’s fortune.

In the following article, we’ll look into Bhuvan Bam’s worth as well as how he’s built his fortune.

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth

Bhuvan Bam’s net worth Bhuvan Bam is estimated at $4 million. That will be in Indian currency is around 30 crores INR.

The majority of his income is from the YouTube Channel “BB ki Vines” Also, Bhuvan Bam has more than 25 million users on YouTube which makes him the sole Vlogger who is a comedian that has the highest number of subscribers on his Channel.

It’s been reported the net earnings and net worth of Bhuvan Bam have seen an increase of around 1800% in the past year! It’s amazing, isn’t it?

More details are provided further details in the table.

Net Worth:$4 Million
Name:Bhuvan Bam
Net Worth In Indian Rupees:Rs. 30 Crore INR
Salary:3 Crore +
Monthly Income:25 Lakhs +
Age:29 Yrs
Date of Birth:January 22, 1994
Height:1.7 M (5′ 7”)
Profession:You tuber

Bhuvan Bam Monthly Income in Rupees

According to various different sources Bhuvan Bam’s monthly earnings are estimated to be between 25 andi 95 lakhs in rupees.

The estimated annual income of Bhuvan Bam is to be between 3-4 crores rupees.

Bhuvan Bam’s worth is believed to be between $3.5 million to 5 million. This amounts to around 22 crores to 41 million dollars in Indian currency.

Bhuvan Bam Annual Earnings

Let’s take a review of the facts surrounding Mr. Bhuvan Bam’s Approx Annual earnings over the last couple of years, which form a portion of his wealth.

Year Earnings
2023Rs. 4.3 Crore  INR
2022Rs. 4.1 Crore  INR
2021Rs. 3.9 Crore  INR
2020Rs. 3.8 Crore  INR
2019Rs. 2.6 Crore  INR
2018Rs. 26 Lakh INR

BB Ki Vines YouTube Income

Total Video uploads168+
Subscriber25.2+ Million
Official Youtube ChannelClick Here
Video views3.25B
Monthly views28M
Estimated Monthly earningsRs. 25,10,000
Estimated Yearly earningsRs. 3 crore to 4 crore

Bhuvan Bam is no less than a star. In addition, he has the largest number of subscribers on the YouTube Channel.

Based on his current performance and the steady growth of the channel and of the person we can feel optimistic about his net worth, which will increase over the years.


This article is about Bhuvan Bam Net Worth, India’s most popular comic figure who has taken over Youtube by introducing his unique characters and fun aspects.

Bhuvan Bam’s net worth in 2023 is $5 million i.e. Rs. 41 crores. Also, he is a fantastic performer and songwriter.

In his performances, the singer and songwriter compose his own songs.


What Is The Net Worth Of Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan’s net worth amounts to 5 million dollars i.e. Rs. 41 crores.

What is the monthly salary of Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam’s salary per month is about. 25 lakhs.

How much does Bhuvan earn annually?

Bhuvan Bam’s salary per year is about 3. Crore rupees.

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