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Price For Hair Spa, Hair Spa Cost

Hair Spa Price: If you’re in search of an enjoyable and rejuvenating hair treatment, you may be thinking about the cost of a hair spa. Hair spas are a well-known treatment for hair that can replenish and revive your hair, making it look and more healthy.

We’ll look at the typical price of hair spas and the factors that affect the price.

You can choose an affordable option or an extravagant experience in a hair spa We’ve got you covered.

Hair Spa Price

Hair Spa Price List 2023

ServicePrice (INR)
Basic Hair Spa1,000-2,000
Anti-Dandruff Hair Spa1,500-3,000
Hair Fall Treatment2,000-4,000
Oily Hair Spa1,000-2,000
Dry Hair Spa1,500-3,000
Dandruff Scalp Massage500-1,000
Hair Spa with Treatment3,000-5,000
Hair Spa with Hair Coloring5,000-8,000
Hair Spa with Hair Straightening8,000-10,000

Hair Spa Price For Male | Men Hair Spa Price

ServiceHair Spa Charges
Basic Hair Spa500-1,000
Deep Conditioning Hair Spa1,000-1,500
Aromatherapy Hair Spa1,500-2,000
Scalp Treatment1,000-1,500
Hair Mask500-1,000

Hair Spa Treatment Price

TreatmentPrice (INR)
Hair Spa – Short Hair800-900
Hair Spa – Medium Hair950-1050
Hair Spa – Long Hair1200-1400
Deep Conditioning Oil Spa – Short Hair900-1100
Deep Conditioning Oil Spa – Medium Hair1200-1350
Deep Conditioning Oil Spa – Long Hair1500-1700
Hair Spa with Head Massage1,200-1,500
Hair Spa with Hot Oil Treatment1,500-1,800

Loreal Hair spa price

Hair LengthLoreal hair spa price in rupees
Up to shoulder800-900
Medium hair950-1050
Long hair1200-1400

location-wise Hair Spa Price list

LocationHair LengthPrice (INR)
Hair Spa Price in AhmedabadUp to shoulder2,000-4,000
Hair Spa Price in SuratUp to shoulder1,500-3,500
Hair Spa Price in VadodaraUp to shoulder2,000-4,000
Hair Spa Price in DelhiUp to shoulder3,000-5,000

Hair spa price in jawed habib

Hair Spa TreatmentPrice (INR)
Ayurvedic Hair Spa1,500-2,000

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What is a hair spa?

The hair spa can be described as a procedure that aids in nourishment and reviving hair. It consists of a mixture of massage, steaming as well as applying serums or masks for hair.

What are the benefits of a hair spa?

A spa treatment for your hair will replenish and moisturize hair, prevent hair loss increase blood flow on the scalp, and boost the growth of hair.

How long does a hair spa treatment take?

A hair spa treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of treatment and the salon.

What are the different types of hair spa treatments?

There are a variety of treatments for hair that are available including deep conditioning, hair masks hot oil treatments, and massages for the scalp.

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