How Many States in USA? 🏳️‍🌈 List Of States in USA { 2023 }

How Many States in USA: It is said that there are 50 states within the USA (United States of America). Each state is unique and has its own distinct culture environmental, historical, and social environment.

If you’re in search of large cities or smaller towns, a region is ideal for you. The beaches of Florida as well as Colorado’s mountains Colorado There’s plenty to offer everyone in the USA.

Every state has its own distinct history in its culture, language, and even its geography. From the rugged coastlines of Maine to the warm beaches of California There’s something for everyone in the USA.

How Many States in USA?

Are there fifty States or 52 within the United States?

It’s a question that a lot of people are asked, but it’s a challenge to answer. It’s true that there are fifty states that make up the USA However, there may exist more or less based on the state in question.

For example, if you added all the territories and other overseas countries such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa, then the number would be 52.

They remain in the US however, they do not have representation in Congress or participate in the presidential election.

That means when looking at the various states in America and other nations it is difficult to know the number of states.

List of States in USA 2023 🏳️‍🌈 | How many states in usa and their names

Here is a table of all 50 states in the USA and their respective capitals:

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Alabama Montgomery
Alaska Juneau
Arizona Phoenix
Arkansas Little Rock
California Sacramento
Colorado Denver
Connecticut Hartford
Delaware Dover
Florida Tallahassee
Georgia Atlanta
Hawaii Honolulu
Idaho Boise
Illinois Springfield
Indiana Indianapolis
Iowa Des Moines
Kansas Topeka
Kentucky Frankfort
Louisiana Baton Rouge
Maine Augusta
Maryland Annapolis
Massachusetts Boston
Michigan Lansing
Minnesota Saint Paul
Mississippi Jackson
Missouri Jefferson City
Montana Helena
Nebraska Lincoln
Nevada Carson City
New Hampshire Concord
New Jersey Trenton
New Mexico Santa Fe
New York Albany
North Carolina Raleigh
North Dakota Bismarck
Ohio Columbus
Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Oregon Salem
Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Rhode Island Providence
South Carolina Columbia
South Dakota Pierre
Tennessee Nashville
Texas Austin
Utah Salt Lake City
Vermont Montpelier
Virginia Richmond
Washington Olympia
West Virginia Charleston
Wisconsin Madison
Wyoming Cheyenne

What are the largest and smallest states in the USA by area in 2023

The biggest state in the USA in terms of areas of land in the year 2023, is Alaska which has a total area of 665384 square miles.

Alaska is closely followed by Texas and Texas has the largest land area, which is 26,596 sq miles.

The third most populous state is California which has the largest land area at 16,696 sq miles36.On the contrary, the smallest one in the USA by land area in 2023 is Rhode Island, with a total area of 1,214 square miles 1346.

Rhode Island is followed by Delaware which has the largest land area, which is 1.949 square miles.

What is the population of each state in the USA in 2023

The population of every state within the USA in 2023 can vary widely. As per the US Census Bureau, the estimated population of the United States as a whole in 2023 is 334.2 million.

However, the populations of states vary with California being the most populous having a total population of 39,223,504 which is which is followed by Texas with 30,345,487 and Florida with 22,359 people.

Here is a list of all 50 states in the USA in alphabetical order, along with their estimated population in 2023:

  • Alabama – 5,024,279
  • Alaska – 740,339
  • Arizona – 7,936,753
  • Arkansas – 3,058,825
  • California – 40,223,504
  • Colorado – 5,986,887
  • Connecticut – 3,565,287
  • Delaware – 1,017,551
  • Florida – 22,359,251
  • Georgia – 11,037,723
  • Hawaii – 1,455,271
  • Idaho – 1,903,945
  • Illinois – 12,587,530
  • Indiana – 6,785,528
  • Iowa – 3,190,369
  • Kansas – 2,935,905
  • Kentucky – 4,498,947
  • Louisiana – 4,695,071
  • Maine – 1,372,559
  • Maryland – 6,204,454
  • Massachusetts – 7,029,917
  • Michigan – 10,071,822
  • Minnesota – 5,794,651
  • Mississippi – 2,961,279
  • Missouri – 6,181,317
  • Montana – 1,112,668
  • Nebraska – 1,959,631
  • Nevada – 3,438,682
  • New Hampshire – 1,395,847
  • New Jersey – 9,346,080
  • New Mexico – 2,146,025
  • New York – 20,448,194
  • North Carolina – 10,832,061
  • North Dakota – 811,044
  • Ohio – 11,799,448
  • Oklahoma – 4,017,137
  • Oregon – 4,381,704
  • Pennsylvania – 12,784,227
  • Rhode Island – 1,110,822
  • South Carolina – 5,266,737
  • South Dakota – 908,414
  • Tennessee – 7,178,601
  • Texas – 30,345,487
  • Utah – 3,614,893
  • Vermont – 648,279
  • Virginia – 8,721,041
  • Washington – 8,953,620
  • West Virginia – 1,784,787
  • Wisconsin – 5,896,693
  • Wyoming – 583,279

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How many states are there in the USA?

There are 50 states in the USA.

What is the capital of the USA?

The capital of the USA is Washington D.C.

What is the largest state in the USA?

The biggest state of the USA is Alaska which covers a size of 665384 square miles.

What is the smallest state in the USA?

The smallest state in the USA is Rhode Island, with a total area of just 1,214 square miles.

What is the population of the USA?

Based on the US Census Bureau, the estimated number of people living in the United States as a whole in 2023 will be 334.2 million.

What is the most populous state in the USA?

The most populous state in the USA is California, with a population of 40,223,504.

What is the least populous state in the USA?

The least populous state in the USA is Wyoming, with a population of 583,279.

Are there any states that are not part of the contiguous USA?

It is true that Alaska as well as Hawaii do not belong to the same contiguous USA.

Alaska lies in the northwestern region of North America, while Hawaii is an island group that is located within the Pacific Ocean.

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