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Looks Salon Price List: Are you looking for a salon that offers high-quality services at reasonable costs? Consider Looks Salon!

Our pricing list is made to meet any budget and includes various services that will meet your every requirement for beauty.

Haircuts, styling, and haircuts to facials as well as waxing, our expert staff will ensure you are left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Why wait? Schedule your appointment now to enjoy the finest salon services that you can find!

Looks Salon Price List

Looks Salon Opening & Closing Time

Looks Salon has two locations in Delhi One is located in Janakpuri and another in Civil Lines. The hours of opening and closing at both sites are shown in the table below.

The Janakpuri timings are from Monday through Sunday, 10:00 am until 8 pm. The times of Civil Lines are from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Salon NameOpening TimeClosing Time
Looks Salon (Janakpuri, Delhi)10:00 am8:00 pm
Looks Salon (Civil Lines, Delhi)9:00 am10:00 pm

Looks Salon Price List 2023

Looks Salon is a popular salon chain located in India that provides a wide variety of grooming and beauty services for women and men.

The salon offers different prices for various services, and rates may differ based on where you are located.

Below is a table listing some of the services offered and the prices they cost for Looks Salon, as of 2023.

ServicePrice (in INR)
Haircut and styling300 – 1500
Hair coloring1000 – 5000
Hair spa and treatment1500 – 5000
Manicure and pedicure500 – 2500
Bridal Makeup1000 – 5000
Waxing200 – 3000
Bridal makeup8000 – 20000
Groom makeup3000 – 8000

It is crucial to remember that prices can vary in accordance with the location of the salon and the expertise level that the stylist has.

In addition, Looks Salon offers various packages that offer a variety of services at a reduced cost.

Customers are able to check out the salon’s site or go to the salon for more details about pricing and services provided.

looks salon price list Delhi

ServicePrice Range (in Rs.)
Ladies’ Cut & StyleLadies Cut & Style
Hair Cut300 – 1500

Note: The cost of services can differ based on the particular service and treatment. It is suggested to call the salon directly to obtain accurate price information.

Looks salon price list Agra

ServicePrice Range (in INR)
Hair Cut300 – 1500
Ladies’ Cut & Style70 and up
Wash, cut, blow-dry and style70 and up

Looks salon price list Jammu

Men’s haircut₹100
Women’s haircut₹150
Hair styling₹200
Blow dry₹150
Coloring₹300 onwards
Highlights₹400 onwards
Balayage₹500 onwards
Perm₹500 onwards
Relaxer₹600 onwards
Waxing₹100 onwards
Massage₹300 onwards

looks salon price list Dwarka

Men’s haircut₹250
Women’s haircut₹350
Child’s haircut (below 12 years)₹200
Hair coloring₹1,000 onwards
Highlights₹500 onwards
Balayage₹1,500 onwards
Keratin treatment₹2,000 onwards
Brazilian blowout₹1,500 onwards
Waxing (full legs)₹750
Waxing (underarms)₹250

Looks salon price list Bhubaneswar

Haircut (Men)₹150-300
Haircut (Women)₹200-400
Keratin Treatment₹1500-3000
Brazilian Blowout₹1000-2000
Waxing (Full Leg)₹500-1000
Waxing (Brazilian)₹300-500

Looks salon price list Sonipat

ServicePrice Range (in Rs.)
Hair Cut300 – 1500
Ladies’ Cut & Style70 and up
Wash, cut, blow-dry and style70 and up

Looks salon price list Patna

ServicePrice Range (in Rs.)
Hair Cut300 – 1500
Hair Spa1500 – 4000
Hair Color1500 – 5000
Hair Straightening5000 – 15000
Hair Smoothening5000 – 15000
Facial1500 – 5000
Manicure800 – 2000
Pedicure1000 – 2500

Looks salon price list Ghaziabad

ServicePrice Range (in INR)
Haircut300 – 1500
Hair styling500 – 2500
Hair coloring1000 – 5000
Hair spa1000 – 3000
Facial1000 – 5000
Manicure500 – 1500
Pedicure600 – 2000

Looks salon price list Rohtak

ServicePrice (in INR)
HaircutStarting from 300
Hair spaStarting from 1,000
Hair coloringStarting from 2,000
Hair straighteningStarting from 4,000
Hair smootheningStarting from 5,000
FacialStarting from 1,500
ManicureStarting from 500
PedicureStarting from 600
WaxingStarting from 200
ThreadingStarting from 50

Looks salon price list waxing

Unisex Full Legs Waxing₹400
Unisex Half Legs Waxing₹350
Unisex Full Hand and Legs Waxing₹700
Unisex Full Body Waxing₹1800

Looks salon price list Ahmedabad

HaircutStarting from Rs. 300 up to Rs. 1500
Volume StylingInterns
WringletsRs. 708
InturnsRs. 531
Hair UpdoRs. 1,180

Looks Hair cutting Price List

ServicePrice Range
Hair Cut (Ladies)Rs. 300 – Rs. 1500
Ladies’ Cut & StyleStarting from $70

looks salon price list cp

ServiceChild (Rs.)Stylist (Rs.)Senior Stylist (Rs.)Creative Head (Rs.)

looks salon rate card

Looks Salon is a premium beauty salon chain located in India with more than 162 locations across the country and internationally.

They provide a variety of services both for men and women, which include haircuts as well as hair styling, texture treatments, facials, hands and feet, as well as services for nail care.

It is the Looks Salon price list for haircuts is up to date as of March 2023.

The cost for haircuts for children begins at Rs500 for stylists starting at Rs750, for senior stylists at Rs1100, and for those with a creative flair at Rs1500.

Prices for 2022-2023 are at the price of Rs. 350/- for a child’s haircutting and for haircutting for adults. 350/- for men’s cut hair.

looks salon keratin treatment price

Here is the Looks Salon Keratin Treatment price list:

  • Basic care: Rs. 2500/- 
  • Advanced products: up to Rs. 6000/- 

Looks Salon offers a range of additional services, such as haircuts and styling, special occasion hairstyles, and spa treatments.

The cost of the services is based on the location as well as the quality of the stylist. For instance, a female cut and style can be purchased at $70, whereas male haircuts and styles begin at $42.

The cost of an infant’s haircut is. 500/-. whereas an older stylist’s haircut costs the sum of Rs. 1100/-.

The cost for a haircut for children starts at around Rs. 350/-, whereas the price for a haircut for men starts at about Rs. 450/-.

Looks Salon has over 162 branches across the country and internationally and provides reasonable costs for their services.

looks salon Facial price list

Sure, here is the Looks Salon facial price list in table format:

Ultimate Luxury Facial₹2500
Signature Facial₹3000
Nettari Di Zucca₹3700
Bio Staminalla₹3550

Looks salon hair spa price

Salon Services:

  • Ladies Cut & Style: from $70
  • Men’s Cut & Style: from $42
  • Blow-Dry & Style: from $45
  • Special Occasion Upstyle: from $110
  • Upstyle Bridal: from $140

Spa Services:

  • Body Massage For Women: ₹1500
  • Head Massage: ₹450
  • Body Polishing For Women: ₹3500

Note : It is important to note that prices can fluctuate and can vary based on the location and services required.

For a fuller listing of prices and services, you should go to their website Looks Salon and Spa website, or call directly.

Can I book an appointment for a haircut at Looks Salon online

Looks Salon offers online booking services to its clients. Customers can make an appointment on the internet by visiting their website, or via other booking websites. Here are a few instances of Looks Salon online booking services:

  • It is located at the Look Salon & Spa: Customers can schedule the appointment on their website by filling in the form on their website as well as by calling the appointment number.
  • Customers at Looks Salon can make an appointment online by going to the website of their salon and filling in an application. You will get a call back within an hour to confirm their appointment.
  • It is a LOOKS Salon and Spa: Customers can book appointments online, by filling in the form on their site. You can also choose which services they’d like to experience during their visit.
  • Lavish Looks Salon: Customers can book appointments online through their site and using the online booking system.
  • Polished Looks Salon + Spa Customers can book their appointment on the internet by clicking the “BOOK NOW” or “BOOK NOW” link on their website.
  • Hairstyles Customers can make an appointment online for certain services by going to their website and utilizing their online booking system.

So, customers can book an appointment to get a haircut at Looks Salon online by visiting their website or via the booking platform of a third party.

  • Looks Salon India Helpline Number: +91-11-28751520, +91-11-41061400
  • Looks Salon Head Office Phone: +91-11-28751040
  • Looks Salon Customer Care Number: +91-11-41061400
  • Looks Salon Customer Care Email: customercare@lookssalon.in
  • Looks Salon Online Booking Service: Customers can book an appointment online by visiting their website.

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