Ratan Chauhan: Income, Wiki, Age, Marriage,Biography, and More

Today, we will learn about the girl who was famous on every social media platform. Her name Is Ratan Chauhan.

Ratan Chauhan is a well-known name in the present and is known to all who see short video clips. The clothes she wears and her looks can confuse people as to whether she’s either a girl or a boy.

Ratan is able to create a distinct brand on social media because of the confusion. Additionally his videos are fascinating and that’s the reason why people are joining him quickly.

Who Is Ratan Chauhan?

Ratan Chauhan, an Indian musician and businesswoman. She is also a singer and social media influencer. She is also a voice-over artist, actress YouTuber, and model.

Born on the 31st of August 1998 at Khatipura, Rajasthan. Ratan is well-known for her talents in dance and music which she showed off on TikTok as well as various other platforms on social media. She has gained fame across the world.

She is also renowned for her distinctive personality and style, since she is known for her desire to be the typical boy, and is frequently described as a “tomboy. Ratan Chauhan is a brand ambassador for Karni Fashion Jaipur.

Ratan Chauhan Gender | Ratan Chouhan Gender

Ratan Chauhan is a girl even though most people think she’s an adult because of her distinct fashion and personality. She loves dressing as a male and behaving like a male, however, she is a female.

Ratan Chauhan Biography

Real NameRatan Chaohan
Age23 Years
Date of Birth21 August 1998
OccupationSinger & Social Media Influencer
GenderRatan Chauhan
Marital StatusUnmarried
Birth PlaceKhatipura, Rajasthan, India
Home TownKhatipura, Rajasthan, India
Year of Active2019-Present
CollegeAlankar PG Girls College, Jaipur
School NameNot Known
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight55 Kg
Body MeasurementsNot Known
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Net worthGo Below
Net WorthINR 70 Lakhs

Ratan Chauhan Education

She’s very brilliant during her school days and her family is keen to see her become a banker. Ratan Chauhan scored 82% in her 10th class, and 72 percent during her year 12th. She also takes part in extra activities like singing, dancing, and sports.

In her college Alankar PG Girls College, Jaipur she is a part of NCC.

Marriage Ratan Chauhan | Ratan Chauhan ki shaadi

This page contains all the information about ratan Chauhan wife , ratan chauhan gender change and ratan chauhan gf . Below are all the query details.

 Ratan Chauhan is currently unmarried. She has not revealed any details about her relationship with a boyfriend or his name.

Ratan Chauhan is focusing on developing her career in the field of music as well as other areas.

She is a gifted musician and singer, businesswoman social media influencer, voice-over actor as well as a YouTuber, actress, and model. Ratan Chauhan makes a respectable living out of her profession and earns around 30-40k INR.

Ratan Chauhan Gender (girl or boy)

Ratan can be described as one of the girl but her way of life is like that of boys. Ratan was quoted by her interviewer that her father was keen for the birth of a son.

As we’ve seen, the moment Ratan returned home to have his hair cut, his mom loved his style.

This is why she’s quite popular today, but the question is always on the minds of many people whether Ratan is an adult or a child and perhaps the reason lies in the way he lives.

However, Ratan is an actual girl, and her appearance is similar to the look of a boy.

Karni Fashion Ratan Chauhan

Karni Fashion is a fashion brand that is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Ratan Chauhan is a brand ambassador for Karni Fashion Jaipur.

She has been seen in the media promoting Karni Fashion on her social media pages and on her YouTube channel. Ratan Chauhan has also been seen in Karni Fashion’s clothes in music videos as well as other public appearances.

Karni Fashion offers a wide selection of clothing such as sarees and suits lehengas, sarees, and more.

Karni Fashion is known for its quality fabrics, innovative designs, and low-cost cost.

Ratan Chauhan’s collaboration with Karni Fashion has helped to grow the brand’s popularity and popularity among her followers and followers.

Ratan Chauhan Family

Ratan Chauhan was born on August 31, 1998, in Khatipura, Rajasthan, India. Her family comprises three members including the mother of her as well as one of her brothers. 

ratan chauhan family

Her father died of lung disease a while ago.in an interview, Ratan declared that she was her dad’s greatest strength and that she admired him a lot. 

Ratan has shared a number of photos with her parents via social media.

She is a gifted businesswoman, musician, singer social media influencer actor, voiceover creator YouTuber, and model. Ratan Chauhan is a female however she loves to dress as a man and act as a man.

Family Details

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Brother NameKuldeep Singh Chouhan
Marriage StatusUnmarried

Ratan Chauhan Net Worth

Ratan Chauhan’s salary is approximately INR 2. lakhs per month approximately. This is an estimated amount. Ratan Chauhan’s net worth is INR 7 million..

As we’ve seen, Ratan sings, performs live shows as well as has a YouTube channel, and a following which is 1.4 million people on Instagram as well as her own company.

Thus, Ratan is surely earning more than any of these, however, we have taken the view that she can make so much.

Monthly IncomeINR 1.5 To 2 Lakhs
Annual IncomeINR 20 Lakhs
Net WorthINR 70 Lakhs
Income SourcesFashion Store, Live Shows, YouTube & Social Media

Ratan Chauhan Success Story/Life Story

At the time Ratan Chohan was born, she was named Navratan for him. And his entry into school was also made under using the name Navratan. However, after a while, it was decided by his school teacher to change his name Navratan and changed it to Ratan. Ratan was not keen for her to alter her identity, but she was unable to convince her teacher.

At first, she didn’t enjoy the nickname Ratan However, as she grew older she began to love her name Ratan extremely.

Within Ratan Chauhan’s family, there three people in the family including Ratan’s mother Ratan as well as one of his brothers who is younger.

Ratan doesn’t have an father. Some time recently his father passed away due to lung disease.

While his father was still alive, Ratan had said in an interview that his dad is the strength of my life and that I cherish him deeply. But, Ratan has not yet been able to overcome the pain of losing his father.

In his time at school days, Ratan was a brilliant student. His family members wanted him to become a banker. Ratan had a score of 82% in the 10th grade and 72 percent in 12th.

Along with being great at academics, Ratan was also very adept at singing and dancing. She would be a part of every singing, dance and sporting event at her school.

Ratan was very well-known in her school, and kids were known to call the girl Kinju Didi frequently. Ratan was not always in the same look. She often went to school dressed like she was a girl, just like the other girls, and her hair was long.

Ratan claims that during the time I used to dress for school I spent a lot of time was spent on creating my hair. She couldn’t attend school without hair braids.

Since hair braids were not in place, punishments were available at the school. At the age of 16, Ratan attended college she took part in sports and NCC.

Then his hair began becoming a bit irritant and she made the decision to cut his hair to look like a male. When Ratan returned to his home after slicing his hair as boys, his mom liked his appearance and she told him to keep his hair this way.

Ratan began his studies in B.Com after completing his schooling. While in B.Com an incident occurred to Ratan and she became extremely upset. To get over her bad state of mind, Ratan started making videos about her musical talents.

If you’re not sure the name, tell me that the name TikTok was music-related earlier. Ratan began uploading videos on the site to enjoy herself. When she started making videos in the beginning, his father would had him scolded. To avoid being scolded by her father, Ratan makes videos secretly.

In the beginning, several videos by Ratan were viewed by millions, due to which she was given the desire to create additional videos. After a short time, the videos of Ratan started to go viral in millions, she began receiving recognition and people began coming to his home. After seeing the whole thing Ratan’s father realized his daughter wasn’t doing anything wrong.

She discovered that it is possible to make a job on social media and because of this, she started receiving great assistance. Then, she began making professional videos. His videos were great however people were prone to thinking when watching his videos if it was an adult or a child.

Ratan Chauhan ki video

Ratan Chauhan Social Media Account

Ratan Chauhan InstagramClick Here
Ratan Chauhan YoutubeClick Here
Ratan Chauhan karni_fashionsClick Here

Ratan Chauhan Instagram

 Ratan Chauhan Instagram

Ratan Chauhan Youtube

Ratan Chauhan Youtube

Ratan Chauhan karni_fashions

Ratan Chauhan karni_fashions

Ratan Chauhan Photo Gallery

Ratan Chauhan Photo Gallery
Ratan Chauhan Photo Gallery


Who is Ratan Chauhan?

Ratan Chauhan is a famous voice-over artist, musician, singer, TikTok star, actress, YouTuber, and model from India.

When was Ratan Chauhan born?

Ratan Chauhan was born on March 3, 1998, in Khatipura, Rajasthan, India.

What is Ratan Chauhan’s net worth?

Ratan Chauhan makes a decent living from her work. She earns INR 30-40k through her singing career, in addition to INR 20-25k (approximately) through the YouTube channel she runs.

Is Ratan Chauhan married?

No, Ratan Chauhan is not married yet.

Does Ratan Chauhan have a boyfriend?

Ratan Chauhan has not mentioned her romantic relationships and has kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret.

What is Ratan Chauhan’s family background?

The family of Ratan Chauhan is comprised of three members including her mother, her, and the other brother. Her father died due to lung disease some time back.

What is Ratan Chauhan’s source of income?

Ratan Chauhan earns from her singing profession and YouTube channel.

What are Ratan Chauhan’s hobbies?

Ratan Chauhan likes to sing, make videos, and spend time with her friends and family.

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