Rica Brazilian Wax Price List [{Update 2023}]

Rica Brazilian Wax Price: If you’re in search of silky and hair-free skin then you may be thinking about purchasing the Brazilian wax. A renowned brand that offers this kind of treatment is Rica which is well-known for its natural ingredients and gentle formulation. 

But what is the cost of a Rica Brazilian wax price? This article will examine the typical Rica Brazilian wax cost and what variables can influence the price. 

If you’re just starting out or an established user, knowing the cost range will aid you in planning your budget and getting the most out of the waxing process.

Rica Brazilian Wax Price
Rica Brazilian Wax Price

Rica Brazilian Wax Price List

Wax TypePrice (INR)
Rica Brazilian Wax with Avocado Butter (800 ml)1,193
Rica Aloe Vera Liposoluble Wax (800 ml)1,193
Rica Dark Chocolate Liposoluble Wax for Dry Skin (800 ml)1,250
Rica Liposoluble Wax with Argan Oil (800 ml)1,300
Rica Cotton Milk Pre Wax Gel (250 ml)990

Be aware that these are estimates only and the final price could differ based on the salon, the skills that the stylist has, as well as the kind of wax used. It is recommended to contact the salon to inquire about their pricing prior to scheduling an appointment.

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