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Smoothing Hair Price: If you’re searching for the most affordable cost for smoothing your hair, you’ve found the right spot. We’ll discuss the various factors that impact the cost of smoothing your hair such as the type of treatment you want, the length and the thickness of your hair as well as the hair salon that you pick. 

We’ll also offer guidelines on how to find the most affordable prices and deals on treatments for smoothing your hair. 

No matter if you’re looking for a keratin treatment a Brazilian blowout or another smoothing treatment We’ve got you covered. 

Let’s begin and discover the most effective smoothing hair cost for you! [smoothing hair treatment price]

smoothing hair price

Smoothing Hair Price List 2023

Here is a table of hair smoothing price lists in India

Hair LengthPrice (INR)
Up to shoulder2,000-5,000
Below shoulder5,000-8,000
Up to waist8,000-10,000
Above waist10,000-15,000

Salon Wise Hair Smoothening Cost

Here is a table of salon-wise hair smoothing costs in India

  • Vioz Unisex Salon: The basic hair smoothing process costs between Rs. 3000-Rs. 8000.
  • ShowStopper Salon: L’Oreal permanent hair straightening price is Rs. 2990/- for any length.
  • Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty: Hair smoothening for men’s crown area costs Rs. 1999.00, and for men’s up to neck costs Rs. 2999.00.
  • Lakme Salon: Hair straightening crown costs Rs. 2,950, hair straightening up to neck costs Rs. 3,775, and hair rebonding fringe costs Rs. 2,950.
SalonHair LengthSmoothening price
Lakmé SalonUp to shoulder4,000-6,000
Toni & GuyUp to shoulder5,000-7,000
Hair & YouUp to shoulder3,500-5,500
The Mane StudioUp to shoulder4,500-6,500
AldoorUp to shoulder3,000-4,000

Permanent Hair Smoothening Price | Permanent Smoothing Hair Price

There isn’t permanent hair smoothing. The treatments for smoothing hair are temporary and eventually fade away.

The length of time a smoothing treatment can last will differ based on the type of treatment you choose, the type of hair you have, and how you maintain your hair following the treatment.

But, certain hair smoothing treatments last longer than other treatments. For instance, Brazilian Blowout is a Keratin-based treatment that lasts up to 6 months.

The Japanese Straightening treatment is a type of thioglycolate treatment that can last 12 months or more.

The cost of smoothing your hair treatment can differ based on the procedure, the salon as well as the thickness and length of the hair. Hair smoothing treatments range between INR 2000 to INR 15,000.

Below is an overview that shows the approximate cost of treatments for smoothing hair in India:

Hair Smoothing Treatment Price Permanent Hair Smoothening Cost
Brazilian Blowout2,000-8,000
Japanese Straightening5,000-15,000
Keratin Treatment3,000-10,000
Aphogee Treatment1,000-5,000

Temporary Hair Smoothening Price

Hair LengthPrice (INR)
Up to shoulder1,000-2,000
Below shoulder2,000-3,000
Up to waist3,000-4,000
Above waist4,000-5,000

Loreal Hair Smoothening Price

Here is a table of L’Oreal hair smoothing prices in India.

Hair LengthLoreal Smoothening Price
Up to shoulder3,000-5,000
Below shoulder5,000-7,000
Up to waist7,000-9,000
Above waist9,000-12,000

Note that these estimates are only estimates, and the final price will vary based on the above factors.

Hair Smoothening Price in Parlour

SalonHair LengthPrice (INR)
HAIRTRIX L’oreal SALONUp to shoulder4,000
Cloud 9 Family SalonUp to shoulder3,500
Eye Catchers (AHMEDABAD)Up to shoulder3,000
Urban CompanyUp to shoulder3,500-4,500
BbluntUp to shoulder3,800-4,800
The Salon RepublicUp to shoulder3,900-5,000

Hair Smoothening Lowest Price

SalonHair LengthPrice (INR)
Eye Catchers (AHMEDABAD)Up to shoulder2,999
Cloud 9 Family SalonUp to shoulder3,500
Lakmé SalonUp to shoulder4,000
Toni & GuyUp to shoulder5,000
Hair & YouUp to shoulder3,500

Short Hair Smoothening Price

SalonHair LengthPrice (INR)
Lakmé SalonUp to shoulder2,500-4,000
Toni & GuyUp to shoulder3,000-5,000
Hair & YouUp to shoulder2,000-3,500
The Mane StudioUp to shoulder2,500-4,500
AldoorUp to shoulder2,000-3,000

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Location-wise smoothing hair price list

CityHair LengthPrice (INR)
smoothing hair price in DelhiUp to shoulder3,000-5,000
smoothing hair price in JaipurUp to shoulder2,500-4,000
smoothing hair price in KolkataUp to shoulder2,000-3,500
smoothing hair price in ChennaiUp to shoulder3,500-5,500
smoothing hair price in ChandigarhUp to shoulder3,000-6,000
smoothing hair price in PatnaUp to shoulder3,000-6,000
smoothing hair price in BangaloreUp to shoulder4,500-7,500
smoothing hair price in MumbaiUp to shoulder5,000-8,000

Hair Smoothening Offers near me

  • HAIRTRIX L’oreal SALON: The company is offering 20% off on treatment for smoothing hair. They also offer an incentive program that lets you earn points for each service you use that you can use to avail discounts in the future.
  • Cloud 9 Family Salon is offering a free haircut with every hair smoothing treatment. They also have a student discount of 10%.
  • Eye Catchers (AHMEDABAD) They are offering 15% off treatments to smooth hair for new customers. They also offer an ongoing special offer that allows you to purchase smoother hair treatments for only INR 2999.

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What is the average cost of hair smoothening treatment?

The cost of hair smoothening treatments can be as low as the amount of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000 or more based on the kind of treatment selected.

How much does permanent hair straightening cost?

The price to get permanent hair straightening may vary from $38 to $425. In India, the price can be as low as Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 based upon the length you want your hair to be as well as the salon you select.

What is the cost of chemical straightening?

    The professional-strength chemical straighteners that salons use are the most effective but can cost as much as $250.

    How much does keratin treatment cost?

    The cost of keratin treatment can range from $80 to $400.

    How long does hair smoothening last?

    Hair smoothing treatments can last at least 6 months or more, depending on the treatment you choose and how you care for your hair after treatment.

    Can I wash my hair after hair smoothening treatment?

    It is advised to wait at least 72 hours after you have completed the procedure before shampooing your hair. Then, you are free to wash your hair the way you normally would.

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