Splendor Seat Height : What is the seat height of Hero Splendor? [ 2023]

Splendor Seat Height: Hello everyone, in today’s article we are going to provide details regarding Splendor Seat Height as well, along with it, they are going to provide information on the height of other bikes made by Hero Company!

If you do not wish to purchase a brand new bike, but you are looking for information on seat height, also known as height, then you’ve found the right place So, friends we’re going to start our journey. Let’s start.

Splendor Seat Height

Splendor Seat Height

Dear friends, for everyone We have provided details about the height of all Hero bikes Hero in the table below. From this, you can learn more about the seat height of all bikes!

Splendor bike Seat height :785 mm
Height :1052 mm
splendor seat height in mm785 mm
hero splendor seat height from ground165 mm
splendor bs6 seat heightThe seat height of Hero Splendor i-Smart BS6 is 799 mm
hero splendor pro seat height785 mm
hf deluxe seat heightThe seat height of Hero HF Deluxe is 805 mm
Splendor height1052 mm
Splendor Plus Xtec seat Height785 mm
hero splendor plus seat height
| hero super splendor seat height
785 to 799 mm
splendor nxg seat height785 mm
super splendor seat height799 mm
splendor ismart seat height785 mm
hero honda splendor seat height785 mm

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What is the seat height of Splendor BS6?

Seat height for the Hero Splendor’s i-Smart the BS6 is 799 millimeters and weighs 117kg.

Additional dimensions offered by Splendor ISmart BS6 are the length of 2048 mm 726 mm width with a height of 1110 millimeters, the wheelbase is 1270 millimeters, clearance for ground 180 millimeters, and capacity of the fuel tank 9.5 Liters.

What is the saddle height of Splendor Plus BS6?

The height of the saddle on Splendor Plus is 785mm and the height is 1052 mm.

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